If you would like to hire Little Pickles Parties to do your child's birthday party or a special occasion, all you need to do is find a suitable venue (gardens would be great in the summer) and book it for a minimum of three hours.  We need an hour to set up and an hour to clear away for parties that contain messy play and half hour either side for parties without messy play.  Our parties run for a maximum of 2 hours. 

We will then bring the party to you, supervise the party area and then clear away! Meaning that parents can sit back and enjoy some party food (not provided) whilst we take care of everything else.


** We advise you to check with the venue their rules on rubbish as we are unable to take any away with us **

Once you have booked the party, your next steps are to choose the messy materials and theme you would like for your party... this is the fun part!!

we customiSe and personalise all our parties to suit the parents requests, below is a list of our popular themes however if your child has a specific interest or favorite cartoon character then we will try our best to incorporate this into a theme.  We can also use popular events for themes such as valentines day, Halloween and Christmas!

We recommend you choose a theme first and then choose the messy materials, for example if having a pirate theme then sand would be a good material.  We are happy to help you decide on themes/materials or choose for you if preferred.



     Edible Materials 

  • Cereals

  • Pasta or rice cooked/uncooked

  • Popcorn

  • Angle delight/Custard 

  • Fairy cake decorating 

  • Jelly & cream

    Non Edible Materials

  • Sand

  • Soil

  • Play dough 

  • Cloud dough

  • Shaving foam/crazy foam


Please let us know of any allergies!

Messy play parties come with a creative chalk tray and an arts and crafts/biscuit decorating table you then choose four messy materials from the list below, or you can request a specific material.


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